Bad Girls Club 10 Reunion (Part 1)


I really wish I reviewed the whole season, but I find starting in-between is just messy. Reunions are always juicy, so it was a must that I report on this one. So look out for the next season, as it will get reviewed!

First of all, they TRIED it with that long ass 30min conversation before the actual show even flippin started. TRIED it. They know damn well aint nobody watching the show to see them talk in groups, about who they don’t like, when we are watching to see the FIGHTS.

Everybody and their mother on that show had a new hairstyle. I’m sitting here looking at the screen like who is this? Who is that? Rocky is the only one who looks the same. As soon as I saw Shannon’s face, before she even spoke I was like: “She got surgery again, nobody can tell me otherwise.” I KNEW it. Shannon looks so different…like I can’t even comprehend. I can’t put it into words. However, when she came on that stage with them cornrows braided back, I will say, she looked real cute.


One last thing before I talk about the real drama, I’m so happy Stephanie & Andre are still together! I loved them, they were too cute!

Now for the highlight of the show. My mouth was wide open when Shannon beat Valentina’s ass. I was at my screen like “YASSSSS Shannon!” She beat her ass to the core. It was well overdue. Shannon walked in cool, like it was nothing then BOOM! She was smart. When you want to fight there’s no time for hair in bun. Ya hair will get dragged. BRAIDS. Braids are the solution to keeping your hair. (Not that I am promoting violence)


All of them on that stage are hypocrites. How can they get mad for Shannon jumping Valentina when they were the same ones having 30min long ass conversations saying, “Shannon is gonna get it. Either she’s gonna come at me or imma just catch her when she aint ready.” Don’t be a sore loser, cos she beat you to it. None of them other chicken necks said nothing when Alicia jumped Rocky, or when Valentina was planning to jump Shannon, but when ShanRock do it, there’s a problem? If you’ve seen my tweets you’d know I don’t like Valentina or Alicia or any of the girls except Rocky actually lol. I despise Paula the most.

I don’t know why they kept throwing around the word ‘bullying’. Nobody in that house really got bullied. To be honest, other seasons have been worst. Elease got bullied. ShanRock weren’t bullied. This season was rubbish in my opinion, BGC has been going downhill. Bad Girls Club Mexico was the last straw for me.

Sidenote: Can we all have a moment of silence for Paula’s eyebrows!! None of them girls were her real friends, letting her walk around with slugs for eyebrows for that whole season. Them eyebrows were a mess!


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